Morning Downtown Glass Off

Downtown Nantucket Buzz

This is quite possibly the most peaceful corner on Nantucket in summer. Right in the heart of downtown.
When the population of a small island, of a 100 square miles, more than quadruples.
And contorting the flow of traffic into some kind of Pollack-esque mayhem by more than doubling that very quadrupling.
But you can still find these moments, early morning particularly - while the 'might-be-relaxing' horde is gently arising & licking dry lips in preparation of incoming coffee.
The waters of the harbor are happy to reflect the total lack of wind, in an early morning glass-off. That incredible moment when the water throws an arm around you with a splendid invitation to enjoy her in all her magnificent glory.
A surfer's dream, this glass-off.
This little red boat, the Nantucket, of the Sunken Ship - a local dive shop - caught my eye from a funky vantage point the night before. As did the still waters.
How the Sunken Ship manages a double-edged piece of marketing, what with the submerging punt behind, despite the calm waters.
The warped reflection of the wharf houses darkens the water, a delicious background winding it's way into the picture.
The irony of the illusion of a sinking boat, closer to shore & safety - and a boat in more open waters somehow staying afloat.
The Nantucket along the port side reflects a striking yellow, touching the water, point for point, tip for tip - a brand of a growing brand painted in water.