Found That moment in the whole medium of time when you realize you’re in the right place, doing what you do, nothing else matters. The why, the what, the how… All rolled into one & completing yourself in a way …

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Downtown Nantucket Buzz This is quite possibly the most peaceful corner on Nantucket in summer. Right in the heart of downtown. When the population of a small island, of a 100 square miles, more than quadruples. And contorting the flow …

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Rad Riding Hood Catching some Air


Rad Riding Hood Away! She’s finally taken off! OK & away… This girl cracked the ‘action shots’ code for me by taking control – once I asked her ‘how she wanted to be seen’… She & her friend were laughing …

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Incoming at Gray Top Chair


Incoming! This chairlift is the highest on Red Mountain, BC. Just a matter of seconds before a heavy weather front reached the peak. Dark clouds are blowing in from the north, driving the poor innocent sun-drenched white clouds off their …

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My Wave!

Going! My wave. I’m going. Left… Cisco Beach, Nantucket. Surf’s up! Beach breaks hardly ever get the credit they deserve. Not in comparison to their reef break cousins, who just so happen to trade in a bit more consistency. Beach …

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