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Where is that photo of you, catching that big air?

Adrenaline coursing through you, air crackling past your ears.

That sensation of flying that only you can create...

Where is that photo of you, doing the thing you were born to be doing?

You know the one...  

Why you’ve been watching those Warren Miller movies for months.

Dreaming & daydreaming... of your turn to send it!

Catch that moment.

It doesn't come along every day.

Remember the air you caught.  That jump you landed... the sheer exhilaration of riding a mountain at top speed!

It doesn't always have to be ‘no friends on a powder day’ - when you're at your best. 

Let me be your photographer, show me what you can do. 

What with all the freeriding & freestylin’...  

The ‘whoosh’ of fresh powder in your face, teeth-tips tingling...

Soft landings, high jinks jumping.

Fresh tracks laid, super smilin'...

go big or go home

                                  Ride to live, live to ride, and all that...                                    But where is that close-up shot of YOUR moment...?




Sankaty Sunrise


_DSC7606 B




I just want to say we had the BEST time at Red Mountain - skiing all that new terrain & such a BIG mountain!

It was even better with you following
our group with your camera at your side capturing our
every move on the mountain! 

You were amazing to be
right there with our group but not at all in our way & to also show us the way on such a great mountain!! 

We all really
enjoyed your company & can't wait to come ski that BIG Red Mountain again - good luck with all your future endeavors & hope to see you again next season…

Chris Abbe, Denver CO

Melissa Fernie

We met Neil randomly on the chair lift at Red Mountain & he offered to show us an awesome run.
We had so much fun with him that we skied another run together & Neil offered to take some action shots of us skiing.
His camera is very well setup to easily take pictures on the go & I was surprised when I saw the amazing final results!
Thanks for taking the time to show us around the mountain.
And for taking those great shots of us!   
Glen and Melissa, Fernie BC



Thank you, mate - my action photos are brilliant.
I'm so happy with them!  And thank you so much for taking my dad, Alex & myself out to show us around the mountain - we had some cracking runs & turns out there in your 'secret stashes'.

We had a great day - and you're so right, 'memories before money...'    Always.  Carry on riding!

Morgan T, Vancouver BC

Erik & Dad

Hey Neil!  

Thanks for those pics - it's so cool to finally have such excellent ski shots with my dad. After all our years skiing together!  Much appreciated.  We should toast with it with one or 2 beers from the Yukon for apres-ski...

Awesome photos!

Erik Kerr, San Diego CA 


'Always take memories over money!'

Mitch E, Chicago IL

Swedish Bullet

'Proceed with style'

Martin L, Sweden


'When you think you can't do something, stop.  Take a break. 

And when you think you can do it again, go do it.'

Fernan, Grand Forks BC

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