What I'm About

'Your Passion is the Story'


Is to coax you into a state of elevated emotion, unleashing the true essence of your being.  Fusing this spirit, your philosophy of life, with the style that is purely yours. In your element.  To reach the peak of your ideal performance, in the flow of the moment, and to transform a good moment into one of the best of your life. 

Air is Life... Be your own Hero

You might only have 20 days on the mountain this season.   

We know that.

The rest of the year, you’ll dream about it.

Dreaming about your favorite trick. 

The powder slashes.

Hitting that kicker.  Freestyling ollies!

You’ll miss it.  The best expression of yourself.

It’ll occupy your thoughts for months.

But what if…

Not What It Seems

What if you could be there every day of the year?

Knowing as you do the real value of air...

To see what it's really like to be looking up at you.

We know how to make that happen.

To put you back on that mountain, even when you can’t be there.

Think of the photo!

Feel the action, again.

Sharp & spectacular on your wall.

This is what we love to do - capturing the action.  

Seeing what you see.

What you’re feeling, in the moment.  

Your moment.  Your photo.  

Be different.


Who's the man...

We can create your art.  Impress yourself.

Ride at Red Series

Feel the action, again.

Sharp & spectacular on your wall.

This is what we love to do - capturing the action.  

Seeing what you see.  You're face all lit up! 

What you’re feeling, in the moment.  

Your moment.  Your photo.  

Be different.


You work hard to get to the mountains - treat yourself

Have your photo stand out from the crowd!


Hey Neil,

Wanted to thank you again for your hospitality when we were at Red Mountain.      You have quite the setup there.
And nothing like fresh snow to end a trip ended with a bang.
If you are ever coming through my fair city of Chicago my offer stands.  Will show you a grand time.                Thank you for the photos, I couldn't have asked for anything better!                                                                            Have a great remainder of ski season & as always be safe.   

Neil C, Chicago IL

Hi Neil,

Thank you for the beautiful photos.     

catching air

I can't believe how good they are, you really got me right in the moment!  Always so nice to get that one photo from an amazing powder day, when everything is just right for the jumps I like - and the landings are so soft! 

Martin L, Sweden


Wow, just wow.  I can't believe you got that photo.  I love it!  Thank so much for taking the time to come riding with us & show us your secret stashes, whoaaa!

We could really tell how much you love what you do, as you're doing something you totally love!

Happy boarding!

Fletcher Q, Nelson BC

Hi Neil,

Delighted to ski with you for a couple of days on Red what a great visit!

Happy Day

I'm still smiling my ass off! Remember what I said -

'Never choose money over memories!'
Keep on riding that fluffy pow!

Mitch E, Chicago IL



My commitment is to providing the most magical memory of your best experience - on the action trip of a lifetime.  The intention is to send you home not only with a fantastic memory, but with the living proof - real evidence - that you are living the life you've designed for yourself.  Nothing less, everything more.


What is the best expression of yourself?  I ask myself this question first thing in the morning... before coffee even... every time I turn on the camera... wherever I point it...   I see it in you too.  No limits, create what you love - design how you live.


Stay free, live free.  Freedom helps us in discovering the greatest expression of ourselves.  Always.  It's not just a state of mind.  There's nothing as freeing as the temporary suspension of our daily grind as we pursue the very passion that gets us out of our own heads.  It doesn't matter for how long - what matters is capturing the essence of you in that moment.  So you have that living proof of how you want to live.  And be remembered.


At the very top of the pyramid of our lives, stands fun.  This is why you work as hard as you do, so you can do what brings you the most happiness & go ride the way that you love.  We all live to ride & ride to live, whatever our passion may be - following our bliss.  Life is quite bland without the fun that we love best.  Let the world see how much you can smile while you're at it.


You have to love what you do.  Your passion is the story.  There is better reason for what I do - capturing the magic of your best expression deep in the moment.  When nothing else matters.  And you're totally lost in the greater realm of the universe & deeply connected to everything that ever existed.  Tapping into that potential you have to exceed anything you've ever felt before.  Your passion.


A wise man told me once - 'you've always got to proceed with style'...   I've yet to discover a better philosophy with which to live.  Legacy comes naturally with such an approach.  It never fails - once you understand that having style is all about how well you deal with people & nature.  Not just how good your intentions may be - but the greatest application of your own style.  Be Wilde, be yourself.


I'm out there, each & every day.  Waiting.  Detailing.  Noticing.  Watching.  Studying the weather.  Understanding that the conditions present us with the opportunity to do what we do.  But to do it best, I know that being there, like this, makes all the difference in providing the best service for you.  No matter the conditions, I'll be right there with you, standing alongside - until we get that shot of which you've been dreaming.


I like to see what you see, that's when we can make the real magic happen.  Tell me how you want to be seen.  You know what you like.  What you can do.  Where you're the most comfortable.  You know your own confidence.  From there, everything you want is possible.  Your clarity makes for the best photo.  The greatest expression of yourself without losing that ability to be lost in the moment.  You are that magic.


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