What & Where is the Wild Atlantic Way

What & Where is the Wild Atlantic Way

You may have been wondering.  Simple. It's a beautiful place.

Many beautiful places come with vivid vibrations - and how they draw us back.  But this is another level of crackling energy altogether.

Magnetic they say.

Where a smile comes already attached. Good words flow free. Activity feels fine. People act right. In the moment.  Alive.

There's a sense of connection that goes well beyond the daily futilities. Sucking you out a weary web into the pure connection just being. 

Magnificently delivering us from the inconveniences inflicted often upon ourselves.


Where scholars came, more than a millennium ago, to 'write & save civilization' - setting up clever & mathematical infrastructures still being used today...

The amazing Skellig Michael - of Star Wars infamy - where magical puffins continue to live without wifi...

As the monks did 1000s of years ago.

Sharing the same beehive dwellings & similar storm batterings in different times.


The setting December sun on Inchydoney beach at low tide        

West Cork

This is Inchydoney in the December sun - and so remarkably warm in this climate of change, guarded left & right by the darkly jagged coastline.

With a headland separating two wide West Cork beaches of incredible & goodly portent, bordered by well-concealed tidal inlets at both sides.

And flanked by a series of giant sand dunes, with free-flowing trails that take you down, down to tides of the Atlantic, whose magnificence lies in it's frigid strength - and up to the heights of the excitement of possibilities.

This does ensure that the flow of magnetic energy renders one & all equal.


But it's not just the human element at play.

For dolphins & porpoises love to join in the connective joy here, with all its' fluid energies, an altar to worship all that's beautiful about life & the living.

If you can make it here in this lifetime, do it. To experience the unique & mildly extravagant Wild Atlantic Way, then...

No Excuses

Because West Cork may be a very popular spot for everyone - but the Wild Atlantic Way throws up more 'end of the world' locations than you can ever imagine for such a wee island.

An island where you can find yourself 'owning' a multitude of beautifully-vibrating 'secret spots' all along the Way - the trick is spending more time than it takes to pull 'a selfie'. 

The ultimate time-share.

The surf can always be merely a day away from West Cork, depending on whom you might ask.

But the first pulses of a pending North Atlantic storm sending out it's barreling reconnoiters, that's when the coast lights up.

Be a witness.

Surf Sculpture in metal at Inchydoney Beach in wild West Cork on the Wild Atlantic Way