Red Chair Snow Forecast

Rickety Red Chair

red chairlift

This is the Red Mountain chair lift, in British Columbia.

It's the oldest chair lift in all of Canada, east to west and has been going & going since 1947...

This lift takes this kind of snow-storm battering & just keeps on rolling out the chairs.

It might be slow, and rattle a bit in too many places - the vibrations & grinding shakes are included to wake you to the present - and it does indeed have a tendency to snatch you out of the ground.

Boom and you're away to thew skies.

It may also lack the comforts of the ultra-modern gondola, or the high-speed chairs of the incredible Alps, with their decadent revolving covers et al.

But it still delivers.

Every day of the season - and usually without fail. It's all part of the Red experience. And it gets you to where you want to be going.

The summit... And all the fun that surely awaits.

High quality engineering for sure, in the best possible way. Nothing like a bit of cool history to get everyone chatting & groovin' - which it surely does.

Over & over, again & again.