Passing Bullet

The Swedish Bullet

Flying Bullet
Passing Bullet

I've been trying to capture this skier in all his glorious speed for the entire season.

With a nickname that leaves nothing to the imagination - the Swedish Bullet - he's very fast & direct.

With a very unique fusion of styles - European, feet close together & North American, feet further apart - & a taste for adventure & jumps.

This was pretty challenging as it was snowing all through the day & every fluttering snowflake had the ability to distract the focus in the foreground.

The background a mere distant & vague blur.

Plus he was on brand new skis that gave him an even greater sense of control in both speed & landings - so the conditions were mostly perfect.

I've been tinkering with the settings to find the optimum way to focus on this guy at full 'send-it' speed & not miss anything...

In the photo of the jump from behind, the speed with which he hit the take-off point & with the heavily-falling snow - it really was quite difficult to focus, even though I was quite close. To what felt like a vapor cloud.

The shot gives a real sense of what it's like to actually fast forward down the side of a mountain at any speed - very counter-intuitive to say the least.