Incoming at Gray Top Chair


Incoming at Gray Top Chair


This chairlift is the highest on Red Mountain, BC.
Just a matter of seconds before a heavy weather front reached the peak.
Dark clouds are blowing in from the north, driving the poor innocent sun-drenched white clouds off their mountainous perch.

Snow is literally in the air. Falling flailingly.

The sun is disappearing fast but isn’t leaving without a shout, taking the shadows with it as it goes.
Like a spurned kid taking his ball home.

There wasn’t too much traffic, as the lift can attest, empty chairs traveling pretty much alone - peaceful & untroubled in their own creaks & whites & rattles.
Such is the end of season look.

One of the things that an elder skier had only recently mentioned was what he believed makes all the difference in life - Meditation.

‘If you think you can’t do it: stop, breathe & meditate until you know you can.’

This lift is a smooth runner, but takes a while to summit - that gives you a bit of time to think & look around while ascending.
To meditate.

Sitting onto a chairlift in the morning brings the most incredible sensation of peace & calm in the soul.
A feeling like the search is over. Whatever your search may be.

Levitating over a mountain.
Magic mindfulness.

These are the latent glorious effects of traveling on a chair up a mountain.
Anyone can do it, instantaneously if you know how to sit & stand up...

Sailing through the air, sometimes 200 feet off the ground, you could say this is the perfect place to set your mind & get your head straight.

And not just for the snow...